Sing me to sleep

Sing me to sleep

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Darkness all around me. Creeps inside of me, fills me with its nasty, sticky texture, steals my breath.

Shallow breathing, no more thinking, just emptiness. Blissful moment of nothingness until darkness starts stirring again, reminding me of all the things I so crave for but cannot have, long for but will never reach…

Chaos of pictures rising inside of me, memories so hurtful, tearing me in every direction, push and pull, until I feel torn apart and cant stop yelling from all this hurt inside of me. Tears start welling up, filling my eyes and finding their way over my face while I am in so much pain I dont know what to do with it anymore.

Where are you? Blissful peace? Sing me to sleep, give me rest, help me, I beg you. Take away all this hurt and pain. Remove all my memories of all these hurtful things.

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