To my Demon

To my Demon

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So hier ein Text, den ich gestern geschrieben habe. Wenns mir zu nahe geht, schreibe ich manchmal auf englisch. Es tut mir leid für Fehler und dennoch möchte ich den text nicht unterschlagen…

I did almost anything for you – anything! And what did I get back? What? What?? Oh yeah, I forgot: loads of things that made me feel like crap! Well thanks for that! Oh how much I really needed that. Well at least you knew exactly what I needed most, right? Nooot! Now again, you feel like doing whatever you please; play with me, use me as your own tiny little cute puppet. I feel so abused by you. And you seem to destroy my life even by being absent. Now Im sitting here with that fabulous man, caring, being everything you are not and try to survive. He now has to experience my crap-mood you caused! Thank you so much indeed! You did a fabulous job! How about giving you an award for being the best life-destroyer? Well, take it and enjoy – face it, my demon, you are my personal hell. Please let me live, please let me go, please finally let me get my life back!
Oh my god! Really? Now I even beg you? How do you do that? You really messed with my mind. I want my life back, I want my happyness, my playfulness, my joy, my satisfaction, my everything back! Give it back to me!

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  1. It is already inside you – just discover…

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